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Dr. Guichet offers Limb Lengthening Surgery. He made a major advance in Orthopedics, bone lengthening with a gradual elongation nail. Besides Reconstruction surgery, he developed also Cosmetic Stature Surgery, thanks to the only intramedullary nail, which allows complete support and weight bearing during bone lengthening, thus fast return to normal activities and sports.

Using State-of-the-Art techniques aiming at ultimate quality, he developed 'Excellence Centers' and offers his Know-How to patients, both for preparation to surgery (London, Milano, Marseille), and for surgery and post-operative follow-up.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Dr Guichet and Patient

Dr. Guichet masteries the most advanced technique and know-how currently available.

He is the only one to allow:

  • Full weight-bearing, right after surgery.
  • Early resuming of sport like bike, even on the same day as the surgery.

"I make sure that patients perform 20 to 30 minutes of cycling on the same day or on the first day after surgery" Dr. Guichet.

This is possible, thanks to three elements that Dr. Guichet has refined throughout his career:

  • A unique Know-How, with cosmetic micro-incisions and an extremely high speed of healing and gain.
  • A coaching program with high level custom training.
  • The Ultimate limb lengthening device, the new 'Guichet' Nail System, replacing the old Albizzia nail and allowing you to make taller your stature by up to 4 inches while doing sports!

Steps of Limb Lengthening

The follow-up is customized for each patient throughout the procedure up to the final result and with direct interaction with Dr. Guichet.

Dr Guichet and Patient

Contact us

Phone: +44 20 74 86 05 91

The Team

The International Teams specifically trained for internal leg lengthening procedures, renown worldwide, will be on your side during your lengthening: the Team of the Isokinetic World Excellence FIFA Center in Milano and London, Mr. Serge Conesa (ex-trainer of the Olympic of Marseilles Football Team), and several other Teams working with Dr. Guichet.

Dr. Guichet

Dr. Guichet is a pioneer in Limb Lengthening, with a unique competence recognized worldwide (2 PhD and multiple publications in international medical journals). He is the only surgeon combining such a high level of biomechanical and biology knowledge in the field of leg lengthening and bone healing. He put his devotion to serve his patients, answering directly to his patients, and being personally reachable throughout the entire leg lengthening procedure.