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Cosmetic and Congenital Short Stature Lengthening

Cosmetic lengthening

Often, patients asking for a cosmetic lengthening have a lower stature than average population. They generally suffer from their height, which induced a complex.

Some patients ask a lengthening for professional reasons (to enter the Police or do a Military career, Top Models for catwalk, business men suffering from being seen from above during meetings and at decision making time).

As patients have no physical handicap/disability, they ask to the surgeon to improve them ... mentally. That is why a careful psychiatric evaluation and coaching is important, to boost the result and allow them to be stronger in life and in relationship with others, or sometimes partners, like women or men...

Patients are not tolerant for functional recovery, which is understandable as they have initially a normal function, and optimal recovery is recommended. The Guichet® nail is allowing a fast return to full function, and the Know-How developed in the Teams of Dr. Guichet secures the result. Patients who stayed the entire duration of the lengthening and who followed fully recommendations of Dr. Guichet have, up to date (2013), a 0% of fracture rate, against 5% of fractures in patients leaving the Centers set-up by Dr. Guichet, and a 14% rate of fractures without the training protocol developed by Dr. Guichet with the old Albizzia technique ... and even more with other teams where exchange of nails is often part of the standard procedure...

The preparation that Dr Guichet provides to cosmetic patients, along with the mastering of bone healing capacities optimizes recovery and early bone fusion, which allows patients to return fast in their normal environment, with an average of 67 mm of gain.

Repeated lengthening can be performed, allowing from 10 to 15 cm in cosmetic cases. It is sometimes better to get less (e.g. 5 to 6 cm), then to repeat the procedure than to try to get 10 cm at a time. Recovery is an exponential function of the gain, and it is better to do twice 5 cm of gain (35 days of lengthening each time) than 10 cm at once (4 months/120 days of lengthening). Complications are reduced and the pain load is far decreased, as patients have almost no pain at the second procedure.

Dr. Guichet is available at the consultation or thereafter to provide the right advise according to the wishes and specificities of the patients.

Patient ratcheting along Marseille's beach

A Patient ratcheting on the seaside.

32 year female patient before limb lengthening 32 year female patient after limb lengthening

A 32 year-old patient, who got a 6 cm of lengthening and an excellent result. Please, note the reshaping of the buttocks and of the posterior part of the thigh more attractive after surgery.


Congenital/Constitutional Short Stature

Patients with Constitutional short stature have no altered chromosomes like in dwarfism. Height is short with respect to the distribution curve of height (Gaussian curve of height) of the reference population, and will obviously depend on height curves of this group. Social impact will vary between countries and cultures; for example, a person measuring 1.6 m (5 feet 2.5 inches) would be considered short in Norway but tall in the Altiplano of Peru.

Lengthening of femora and tibiae is possible with the Guichet® nail (or similar nails) or with external fixators. When the lengthening can be performed with an internal nail, there is no indication for an external fixator. In addition, the functional results with Guichet nails is far better than the one obtained with external fixators or of non weight-bearing nails.

Patient stretching Male patient swimming during the leg lengthening Aurore ice skating after the procedure

Picture above : Patient with a 9.2-cm gain on both femora. Please note her appearance and flexibility 5 years after surgery. She resumed normal activities, including work and sports, 5 months after the Albizzia® nails were implanted. Generally, patients do not resume normal activities within this time frame after a lengthening with external fixators or with many of the other types of nails.

Pictures above : Patient swimming during bone lengthening with the Albizzia® nail; he returned to swimming 3 weeks after surgery.

Pictures above: Patient who underwent a 8 cm bilateral femoral lengthening for short stature (1.42 m). Flexibility 18 months after surgery, at time of nail removal. She could, one year after setting the nails, resume her passion ice-skating.