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Initial Consultation: Evaluation, Study and Counseling

The initial consultation for clinical and x-ray evaluation is long and allows a complete report of the "body status" and determines specific risks for a particular patient so that preoperative measures can be taken to avoid postoperative complications. Patients stay for the full day.

An administrative and medical form you will complete will allow to understand better your case and wishes...

It will include:

  • Past medical history
  • Reasons for lengthening
  • Joint and muscle evaluation
  • Important functions and parameters (nerves, vessels, spine, skin, etc.)

A complete information will be provided on potential gain specific to your body, with explanation on operative and post-operative sequences and functional recovery.

A custom pre-operative training program will be set to optimize results and decrease risks.

You will be encouraged to do photos and computer simulations of what you expect (morphing program)

X-rays and an isokinetic Cybex testing will be performed or programmed. Meetings with current or past patients can be organized. Medical photographs enable before and after lengthening results to be compared.

Dr Guichet explaining the Limb Lengthening

Dr. Guichet, during the initial evaluation consultation, explaining extensively the lengthening procedure.